Case Management

Whether you're a small or large company, Trackops includes all the tools you'll need to easily and efficiently manage your case load. What's more, Trackops is entirely web-based, giving you, your company, and your clients access to vital case information from anywhere at any time.

Get Organized

Each case becomes a digital file where your data is always organized, updated, and available. Your staff and clients need only one source to access the latest and most accurate case information.

Keep Everyone Up To Date

Deliver case updates to clients and staff at any time. Managers will automatically be notified when updates are posted on their cases.

Deliver Media On-Demand

Securely share video, photos, documents and more with your clients and staff at any time. Great for watching surveillance video online!

Generate Documents On The Fly

Auto-populate your documents with live case data with the click of a button. You'll reduce errors and speed up report writing!

Create Your Own Forms

Powerful custom field functionality allows you to create your own forms to capture the data you need. Great for customizing Subject and Case intake forms!

Assign Cases With Ease

Assign clients and staff to cases with only a few clicks. We can even notify them they've been assigned to the case via email or text message.

Create Questionnaires

Our case review system allows you to create your own questionnaires to capture information unique to your cases. Great for tracking investigator performance and important statistics!

Audit When Necessary

Every action taken on a case is logged into a searchable case history. Quickly find out who did what and when.

Review Cases Before Accepting

Your clients can submit "Case Requests" online at any time. You can then review the request details before actually turning it into a real case.

One Click Re-Opens

When your client requests more work, you can re-open an old case into a brand new one with a single click. These related cases are grouped together for easy access.